Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is a book I started reading a while ago, I guess you might call it a self-help  book. I call it a 'book I found in a book exchange that looked interesting when I was desperate for reading material'. Sorry it's not more significant Gretchen Rubin!

The first couple of 'months' were easy to get through, but then it started to drag. We're so VERY different, her and I. I am already 'chasing my dreams', but my dreams are far, far different from those of a 40+ year old woman with 2 children who used to be a lawyer and is now a writer. In New York of all places. (sounds a smidge cliche).

And I'm a 30 year old trying to be a professional bike instructor/guide living in a converted van in small ski town in Canada.

She's made some good points though, and you should all be happy because, despite her busy lifestyle, she finds time to blog every day. Now, I've not actually bothered looking for her blog, but the fact she can fit it in…

Is it quiet? No!

You'd have thought that with a broken collar bone life would slow down. It doesn't really feel like it has! Aside from the fact it seems to be recovering at a ridiculous rate (thanks body/god/those who pray for me), it still means I don't feel comfortable hopping back on a snowboard yet. A wise decision, I know! (must be getting old)

But tonight I; finished work at 4.30, went and had a shower, then did some washing up, then moved to somewhere with wifi and then got started on minor life-admin. So far I've:
Posted several things up for sale
Messaged some friends back
Advertised our Modern Jive Dance Class (blog regarding this coming soon!)
Researched another snowboard - vitally important, obviously

Which, when you list it, is a very short list, but I can assure you, it took far longer to do than to type!

I also found and listened to some new music and watched the SEMA Battle of the Builders - not very interesting if you're not into cars. And dad, NO it has nothing t…

Shoulder updates

Last Friday, 4th, I broke my right collar bone and on Tuesday I went to Vernon to see a consultant that I had been referred to. As per how these things seem to go for me, I ended up seeing two and having a third involved as well.

The first consultant, on Tuesday, was incredibly busy - he saw 75 patients that day, which goes a little way to excusing him for the way things went. He told me he thought I needed surgery and I could book with him or (as he was just leaving on holiday) a colleague, and to get in touch with his secretary. After lots of back and forth between his secretary and my travel insurance company nothing was getting sorted.

On Wednesday I spoke to a colleague of his who phoned another shoulder specialist, they conferred for a while and decided the best choice would not be to have surgery for now but to have another x-ray in 3 weeks and send it over for them to review. This decision was based on the fact that, despite the displacement of the two pieces of collar bone, t…

I like to read

I'm not even one of those people who goes through phases, something I've always found odd. I've never understood why you'd find that you spent a month or two reading and then suddenly didn't have a space for it in your life.

My reading time is; when I'm not working, cooking, snowboarding or on my laptop. Which might be because I live in a van, and so don't have a particularly busy social life. Even if at no other time during a day, I read before I go to sleep, it's a nice distraction and it's been such a long time habit, I'm sure it helps me sleep better too.

When I was a small child, I refused to learn to read. I would get mum or dad did it, although my favourite was demanding that Granny read to me every time we went there or she came to ours. I think there's even a photo somewhere of me on the sofa next to her while she reads to me! Eventually I did learn to read (I think about 5 years old) and by 11 I'd read the 3 Musketeers, the Hob…

I'm now broken (again)

Canada, while being a great place, seems rather detrimental to my health.

Last winter I got too sendy on a jump, cleared the landing and landed flat from 3-4m up. Broke the cartilage that holds one of my ribs to my sternum.

In the summer I hit a tree and broke my pinky. Not too bad you think, well, look at the x-ray. Hopefully you never see a pinky as smashed up as that again!

Now, both these crashes were my own fault. I felt annoyed and put out and frustrated, but in reality, I only had myself to blame.

Then this morning, some inconsiderate *insert rude word* (my Granny reads this blog!) falls off the piste I am passing on a cat-track into the 10' gap between myself and the skier ahead of me. Giving me, what, 6' to dodge him? Unsurprisingly, I failed and smashed into him at speed.

As I hit the floor I hear *crack*, think, 'I don't like that sound' but it feels OK. I lay there for a moment, then unstrap and start walking to the top of the rise ahead ignoring the *i…

Bit tired...

I kind of understand, but mostly don't get why just after Christmas is busier than Christmas itself. Yesterday in rentals was busy, today was MENTAL.

So, I no longer work in Lift-ops here in Revelstoke. Lets just call it a misunderstanding/miscommunication/massive screw up shall we? #notjobstoked Fortunately I had a part time job in rentals - like working in a grocery store, not something I had planned to do this winter. Not as bad an alternative though, and the rental team/managers have been awesome. I'm working enough hours to keep me going and will be full time there very soon.

When I was part time it was EASY, the days I worked in there, nothing seemed to happen. Turns out that was just pre-Christmas, and now we're really busy. Not quite 'Whistler' levels of busy, but not far off for such a little store! On the bright side, at least I'm not in boot fitting. Those guys have days that make mine look pretty easy. Today was 7:45-5:15, but there it could have be…

I am quite fortunate.

*Photo updates to the last blog have been added*

To have such a good group of friends here, once again, I was looked after at Christmas. My friends from Whistler - Cam and Sam (a pair of Kiwi's) hosted a group of us at theirs for a great Christmas dinner. Not only did they have a turkey, potatoes and wine, but they managed to rustle up the salad they had requested I brought, but couldn't source as all the stores were closed on Christmas day.

I did contribute a little, although maybe a little selfishly. The other day I gave Cam a book on making different types of bread, something he's already been very good at, but there's no hard in more ideas is there? Possibly I'm just looking forward to him making another fantastic loaf though! I also left them my bottle of wine - they already seem to have plenty though, so maybe we'll just have a party soon!

Cam and I worked together over the summer as bike instructors, and we help look out for eachother when we can. A few …