Spring arrived

And the the snow has been melting. A lot.

Apparently this is the earliest end to the skiing anyone can really remember. The resort is due to close on the 21st April, but I can't see the snow lasting that long - they've already closed a lot of the runs. Not that I am complaining, the sooner it goes, the sooner I can be out on a bike! (although, that will absolutely be happening before the snow has all melted on the mountain. Probably next weekend...

Spring conditions are fun though, not too many people, slushy snow and being WARM all the time. I've really become a summer person since living in Turkey. I can't go too long without sunshine and warmth any more, I like snowboarding, but nowhere near as much as I like biking and warmth.

I need to get out and get some photos, so keep an eye out for a new post soon. 

Apparently not everyone

Wipes water off themselves after a shower.

31 years into life, and a habit I 100% developed from my father is done by no one else.

Whenever I have a shower or bath, as I get out, I wipe the water off as much as possible, then continue getting out and dry off. No one else seems to do this, but it's always been logical to me. Saves making your towel wetter than it needs to be!

I'm sure you'll read this dad, did you know we're alone?

There's no new snow...

And hasn't been for weeeeeks. It's no fun living in a ski resort with no new snow, despite it being sunny outside. Granted, I'd rather have the sun than cloud, but it's just been so cold recently! If it were sunny and warm (spring conditions!) we'd all be out there chilling in the sun, having a cold beverage and having a grand old time.

I'm not depressed or unhappy, work is still reallllly busy, so I'm not bored either. I'm just looking forward to bike season.

The onset of bike season highlights just how little money I've managed to save towards a new bike, and how much snow gear I have to sell! I'll get it done on my day off though, not that there seems to be many of those right now either!

To offset all this doom and 'gloom', I went to Big White resort the other day with some friends. It SNOWED! It was a great day for the 3 of us. Fresh snow, 15cm's deep, good company and a new resort to explore. The sun even came out to play, we c…

So, what's new?

It's been cold here recently. Really bloody cold! Regularly hitting -20 overnight and sometimes that low in the Alpine up on the mountain too! I've been able to stay at a friends a few times recently though, which was great on the coldest, windiest nights. But the hardest part? Everything freezes, and then defrosts when you run your heater. I've thrown a small mound of fruit and veg away that has frozen and defrosted more than once and just gone off. The coold I can deal wit, but I'm very grateful I invested in a better here before the winter really kicked in!

This is what I bought, and it's worked well:

Buddy Heater

I've also spent some time catching up with Anne, my fellow vanlife friend here in Revelstoke. She's great to chill out with, as you'll have seen in an earlier post, I've also been touring with her and her husband, so she can ski well too! There're a number of van-dwellers here, but it's not much of a 'community' - the pro…


As above, new blog coming soon. I've been very busy with life recently, but it'll come.

Shoulder update - I need to get another x-ray in a couple of weeks, not sure what the pro's opinion is yet, radiologist said not much had changed (could be good, could be bad).

I'm trying to sort my summer plans out currently.

It's been cold recently - down to -20. I'm very glad I invested in a better heater. Getting warmer again now though.


I wish I were better at it, today my x-ray got pushed back for a snowboard (should have been fine) and then wiring some stuff in a friends van, and by the time that was finished it was almost certainly too late to go in for it, so I drilled some holes in her van bed.

She made the error of building a bed out of plywood, so now it traps moisture and starts to rot the wood out. Now we have to compromise it by cutting many, many holes. Just using slats in the first place would have been far better! (I did my research when I built mine!)

I'll get the x-ray this week, but the shoulder has improved massively, it's more a formality and curiosity than anything else.

*edit* I got it the day after instead. Just waiting to hear the results now

Dancing in ski resorts

As you can imagine, it happens a lot, almost every ski resort has a nightclub and being a ski bum is associated with several things;
Skiing (or snowboarding)

I've done my fair share of partying and drinking, drugs have never been my thing, and I've certainly done a lot of skiing and boarding but clubbing isn't the type of dancing I am talking about.

The general consensus, among us younger (haha!) types is that staying home or just 'having a quiet one' is for the old and boring. Now I'm 31 I had to think about that for a while, and it wasn't a pleasant thought. Am I old and boring? (maybe a little!) The conclusion I came to was that, very simply, my interests in life changed. No longer am I hanging around with the lads from school - that social circle has disbanded; some of us moved to London, or up North, or got important jobs, and I moved furthest of us all. I've since spent 2 summers living in Turkey, 2 winters back and forth f…